Due to the structure of our guest house it is not possible to accommodate physically disabled persons who rely totally on a wheelchair for mobility.

We can however and are happy to accommodate disabled persons who have limited mobility and can walk 20 metres with the aid of a zimmer frame or with the assistance of a carer.

Access to our guest house is via a step (25cm) into a covered porch and then a further step (16cm) from the porch into the guest house lobby. From the lobby we can accommodate a partially disabled person in our room 1 (double room). For the partially disabled persons security, in the event of a fire, we are only prepared to accommodate them in room 1.

The door width into the guest house is 75cm.

The door width into room 1 is 72cm.

The door width into the ensuite WC is 67cm.

There is a 10cm step up into the shower. The shower has a secure grab handle.

The floor area within the ensuite WC for maneuverability is small and will not take a wheelchair, it will however take a person with a zimmer frame.

The dining room is opposite room 1. The door width into the dining room is 72cm. We are happy to provide breakfast on a tray for partially disabled persons.

If you are partially disabled or have limited mobility it is your responsibility to let us know when you book so that we can allocate a suitable downstairs room. Due to the age of our guest house the stairs to our upper rooms are slightly steeper than are required by current building regulations. Please book early as we have a limited number of ground floor rooms.

If you are reading this description on behalf of a blind person, please relay to them that we are happy to accommodate them with their guide dog in any of our 3 ground floor rooms off of the entrance lobby.